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Metal Fabrication


Locally owned and operated


Over 15 years experience


Quality workmanship


Competitive prices

Welding, Cutting, Repairs and Metal Fabrication Services on Your Premises

We offer metal fabrication as well as custom fabrication to a variety of sectors, both onsite and in our welding workshop. Metal fabrication involves assembling machines and structures from raw metal materials using cutting, burning, machining, forging, stamping, bending, and forming processes to shape individual pieces of metal, which are then joined by techniques such as welding and assembling. Sheet metal, fittings, castings, formed and expanded metal, sectional and flat metal, and welding wire are the standard raw materials used in the process of metal fabrication.

Benefits of Scenic Rim Enterprises

We are a locally owned and operated welding and fabrication company with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We offer onsite welding, cutting, and fabrication services at competitive prices around the Scenic Rim and Brisbane areas.

  • We are fully licensed and insured, providing quality work at competitive prices to the agricultural, commercial, industrial, quarry, civil, residential, structural, and transport sectors.
  • We have a fully equipped mobile vehicle team geared for onsite welding, repairs, and maintenance jobs. Our repair work will give your machinery and structures longer service, saving you from having to fork out hefty amounts of money for new items.
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, we can custom fabricate almost any metal item for you to your specifications.

Related Services We Provide to Metal Fabrication in Brisbane

Our welding, cutting, and metal fabrication services are available in the surrounding areas of Brisbane and the Scenic Rim. We offer our services to all sectors but have extensive experience in the agricultural and transport sector. The agricultural metal fabrication items that we make, to your specifications, include but are not limited to gates, stock fencing and yards, stock crates, platforms and handrails. We also offer safety guards on plant equipment, horse stables, horse transport trucks and floats, and dog boxes and crates.

  • Let us be a part of your vehicle and machinery maintenance programme. Our services can keep your vehicles and machinery functioning to their full capacity for longer before you need to buy new ones.
  • We service transport trucks and vehicles, repair trailers, horse floats, goosenecks, and excavator buckets, service plant and equipment at quarry sites, repair and maintain farm machinery, and do hard facing of components that wear away easily from continuous use.
  • We supply and install standard 3-inch ball and folding ball gooseneck hitches to all makes and models of vehicles.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication?

This process turns flat pieces of sheet metal into structures, machines, or products by cutting, punching, folding, surface treating, and assembling. Steel, aluminium, magnesium, brass, bronze, and copper are the most commonly used sheet metals in the metal fabrication process. There are three main types of procedures used for the fabrication of sheet metal, forming, cutting, and joining. Sheet metal fabrication is used in most industries since it is such a flexible process, and there is a need for metal products in all sectors. Metal is a strong and lasting raw material which makes it a popular choice for metal fabrication. It is generally easier and faster to make products out sheet metal, which makes them cheaper to produce.

Contact us for any welding, cutting, or metal fabrication work you need to be done.

Supporting locals with quality workmanship and competitive pricing.