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Custom Fabrication

We deliver the highest quality custom metal fabrication, entirely to your specifications.

Horse stables
Aluminium and stainless steel TIG welding: Dog boxes and crates, grids
Stock crates
Horse transport trucks
Horse floats, goosenecks and trailers

If you’ve got something different in mind, call us on 0430 199 912 to see how we can help.

Use Custom Fabrication in Brisbane to Your Benefit

Fabrication refers to the process of bending, cutting and assembling metal to create new objects that improve our lives. Custom fabrication in Brisbane involves the invention of parts, machines or structures according to your specifications. Scenic Rim Enterprises is a mobile welding and fabrication company that operates for your convenience, especially at farms, quarries and construction sites.

Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication in Brisbane

Custom fabrication includes shaping metal for numerous purposes and projects. The process allows us to manufacture anything that comes to mind such as handrails, cutlery, tools, and other objects. While there are products available off-the-shelf that have been pre-fabricated, any specific detail in the design requires the skills of a fabrication machinist. These are some of the benefits of custom fabrication:

  • When you’re approaching a project, you require particular parts to assist in completing the assignment efficiently. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we advise custom fabrication. After consulting with a professional, they can create objects for you that are unique to your demands. You will have input on the type of metal you prefer and its appearance.
  • Sourcing the object you require through a metal fabricator means you save on the financial front. If you walk into a retail store, you have to pay whatever the price is for the product. However, when you have it customised for you by a reputable contractor, they will be able to acquire material from their suppliers regardless of the size and manufacture your item according to your needs and pass on those financial savings to you.
  • When you decide to work with a fabricator, you can trust that they possess the necessary equipment to maintain the quality of the metal throughout the process. As a result, the turnaround time to receive your object is faster than before, with the product being strong and durable.

What to Expect from Scenic Rim Enterprises Regarding Custom Metal Fabrication

We are a locally owned and operated business and have been providing fabrication and welding solutions to many customers along the Beaudesert Scenic Rim. Our reputation has developed over the years to be the preferred contractor for welding and fabrication.

  • We have a complete mobile set-up that we use for on-site welding and repairs. By being entirely mobile, we’re able to work at your convenience, especially if we’re dealing with larger structures. We are confident in our work and never back away from a challenge.
  • As a contractor, we understand the need for insurance and, as such, are fully insured, which covers us for any accidents that may occur while we’re on the job. We hold a Queensland Building and Construction Commission license, so you can be confident that you’re dealing with professionals.
  • We manufacture all our metal fabrication products to the highest quality possible. We’ve previously created horse stables, stock crates, horse floats, goosenecks and trailers, to mention a few. The possibilities are endless.

About Scenic Rim Enterprises

We’ve been in this industry for over 15 years and are still servicing our customers with the best possible workmanship. We are fully equipped to accept any job and offer competitive pricing.

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