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Fabrication Brisbane


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Call on Scenic Rim Enterprises for Custom Fabrication in Brisbane

When you have a project that requires custom fabrication in Brisbane, look no further than Scenic Rim Enterprises. We regularly work with clients in the farming, mining and construction industries to create custom metal structures that they can rely on to serve their unique applications. From gates to stock crates to platforms and handrails, our capabilities are versatile and far-reaching.

What Sets Scenic Rim Enterprises Apart Regarding Fabrication Services

At Scenic Rim Enterprises, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent results at every stage of the customer experience. Here are a few of the things that set us apart from other businesses offering fabrication services in the Brisbane area:

  • We offer mobile and workshop capacities. Some fabrication jobs are best carried out in a workshop environment. Others, whether because of the size of the project or due to unique limitations in the worksite, require mobile service. We offer both workshop and mobile fabrication and welding services and can adjust our approach to suit your needs.
  • We fabricate to your precise specifications. We know that even the smallest inaccuracy in measurement or design can render fabrication work unusable. We work carefully to understand our clients’ design specifications and to match them precisely in our fabrication services. Whether you hire us for a new set of horse stables or a custom gooseneck hitch, you can expect a high-quality fabrication that matches your specs to the letter.
  • We offer competitive pricing. Our goal from the beginning was to make it easy for Brisbane businesses to work with local fabricators without sacrificing quality or paying extra. Offering our services at a competitive price point is part of this commitment to our customers.

Related Services We Provide to Fabrication in Brisbane

Our workshop and onsite fabrication work isn’t the full extent of what our business has to offer. Here are a few other relevant services we bring to the table for our clientele:

  • Gooseneck hitch installation. In addition to fabricating custom gooseneck hitches, we can also install them for you. We offer two types of gooseneck hitches for your vehicle: a standard 3-inch ball and a more dynamic folding ball design.
  • Fabrication repairs. We regularly work with our customers to help them maintain their trucks, trailers, goosenecks, machinery and more. These fabrication repairs can take multiple forms, from maintenance on plant equipment at mining quarries to repairs of worn or damaged excavator buckets.
  • Services for other industries. While our core industries are in the agricultural, quarry and civil construction niches, we are also happy to serve a wide range of other needs. For instance, we take on residential projects from time to time, including custom fabrication for architectural steel, balustrades, BBQ grills, handicap ramps, staircases and more. Visit our services page for a full list.

Why Trust Scenic Rim Enterprises with Your Workshop or Onsite Fabrication Needs?

Next time you need fabrication in Brisbane, we hope you’ll decide to put your trust in Scenic Rim Enterprises. With over 15 years of experience and a reputation for quality workmanship, our locally owned and operated business is a reliable partner for virtually any fabrication project you might have in mind. Contact us today to learn more.

Supporting locals with quality workmanship and competitive pricing.